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Privacy Policy


Izhevsk November 25, 2019

1. General Provisions

1.1. This Agreement establishes the procedure for NIKA, LLC (TIN 1832063830, RRC 183201001, hereinafter the Contractor) processing and protecting personal data of individuals / legal persons / individuals representing legal persons (hereinafter the Users) using website at https://nika-foryou.com (hereinafter the Website) and the services provided thereby.

1.2. The purpose of this Agreement is to ensure proper protection of the Users’ information, including their personal data, from unauthorized access and disclosure.

1.3. The relationships involving collection, storage, dissemination and protection of information regarding the Website Users are governed by this Agreement, other official regulations of the Provider and the current laws of the Russian Federation.

1.4. The current version of this Agreement, which is a public document, is available to any User online. The Provider may amend this Agreement. Upon making any amendments, the Provider shall inform the Users by publishing a new version of the Agreement at the Website at the permanent address https://nika-foryou.com/privacy-policy/.

1.5. By continuing the use of the Website, the User expresses their unconditional consent to these Rules and agrees with both automated and non-automated processing of their personal data, namely the actions provided in cl. 3 Art. 3 of Federal Act 152-FZ dd. 27.07.2006.

1.6. If the User does not accept any conditions of this Agreement, they shall discontinue their use of the Website and the services provided thereby immediately.

1.7. The Provider is a personal data processing operator in the context of Roskomnadzor Notice No. 128 dd. 25.08.2019.

1.8. The Website uses cookies in order to know the Users better and to gather information about their user experience needed to improve the Website and to avoid advertising goods and services that are of no interest to the Users.

2. Subject of the Agreement

2.1. The User provides the Provider with their personal data and consents to the Provider using that data free of charge for the purposes and within the scope set out in this Agreement.

2.2. The purpose of the personal data processing is to provide the User with information about the Provider’s goods and with access to the services, information and/or materials offered by the Website.

2.3. The User’s personal data received by the Provider may be handed over to third parties, i.e. the police or other competent authorities of the Provider is compelled to disclose the same by the law or a resolution of any official body.

3. Website Use Conditions

3.1. While providing the User with the use of the Website and its services (hereinafter the Website Services), the Provider, acting reasonably and in good faith, assumes that the User:

has all the rights that are required for them to use the Website;

provides correct information about themselves within the scope required to use the Website Services;

realizes that certain types of information transferred to other Users, may not be deleted by the User;

is familiar with these Rules, consents thereto and accepts all the rights and obligations established therein.

3.2. The Provider does not verify the correctness of the User data received (collected), except for the cases where such verification is necessary for the Provider to perform their obligations toward the User.

4. Data Processing and Transfer

4.1. The User provides and consents to performing collection and processing via Internet statistics services of depersonalized User data stated herein, including cookies. The following personal data are processed:

The User’s first name, last name, patronymic;

The User’s e-mail address;

The User’s phone number;

The User’s city of residence;

The User’s region of residence;

The name of the organization represented by the User.

4.2. By accepting the conditions of this Agreement, the User gives their consent to the Provider for processing and storage of their personal data during the entire term hereof.

4.3. The concept of “personal data processing” includes the following actions with personal data:






Clarification (update, amendment)






Destruction of personal data.

4.4. This consent to personal data processing is given indefinitely but can be revoked by the subject of the personal data via a personal written request issued to the legal address of the provider by a registered letter against delivery receipt or delivered personally.

4.5. The Provider shall use the User’s personal data received hereunder (or in other lawful ways) according to the laws of the Russian Federation on personal data protection, in particular, to the Federal Act 152-FZ dd. 27.07.2006 On Personal Data as amended at the time of the actual data processing.

4.6. The User is entitled:

4.6.1. To request that the Provider update, block or destroy the relevant personal data;

4.6.2. To receive information concerning processing the User’s personal data from the Provider on request;

4.7. The Provider takes technical and organizational measures to protect the User’s personal data from loss, fraudulent action or unauthorized access.

4.8. The Provider continuously ensures that their security measures are in line with the latest technical advancements and breakthroughs

5. The Users’ Requests 

5.1. The User is entitled to issue requests to the Provider, including those concerning the use of their personal data, in writing to the following address: 23, Lesozavodskaya St., 426052 Izhevsk or electronically as a document signed via a certified digital signature according to the laws of the Russian Federation to the following e-mail address: info@nikaltd.ru.

5.2. The Provider reviews the User’s request and issues a response within 30 days after receiving the relevant request.

5.3. All the correspondence received by the Provider from the Users (i.e. written requests or e-mail messages) is considered limited use information that shall not be disclosed without the User’s written consent. Personal data and other information concerning the User issuing a request may not be used in any way other than to respond to the request issued by the user or for other purposes directly required by the law without the User’s express consent.

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