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What you should know about when ordering an ironing board

What you should know about when ordering an ironing board

22 January, 2020

Every home has an ironing board. Choosing that household item seems like an easy and mundane business, but that’s only up to the moment when you really need one of those. Vendors today offer such a range of models that it’s often hard to make the right choice. What to look for when you are making a purchase? How to choose the right ironing board considering all the possibilities and needs?? 

First of all, you have to understand that despite the ironing boards varying greatly, each of them should conform to certain requirements that define ironing speed and quality, use ease and comfort. Those requirements are:

  • Sturdiness. That is probably one of the most important requirements, because it may define not only the board’s comfort, but also its safety. The board should be well balanced, have a structure and should not wobble or bend when used. 
  • Weight. The heaviest boards are usually cumbersome. Considering that ironing is mostly done by women, you shouldn’t forget about that feature. 
  • Ease of use. To make ironing quick and comfortable, the board needs to be the right size, i.e. the most convenient to place whatever it is that you are ironing. 
  • Portability is a very important requirement. An ironing board is not an item that’s used every day, so it should be quick and easy to fold and its size when folded should be small. 
  • Quality. The surface, the supports and all the other parts shall be made of high quality materials, clamps and other elements should be tightly fixed. 
  • Adjustability. The boards with adjustable surface height are very convenient, but it’s very important to remember that the adjustment mechanism should be simple and the clamping mechanism reliable. 

A quality ironing board usually follows all those requirements and is, in addition, reasonably priced. Let’s examine the ironing board’s structural features in more detail.

The ironing surface is the main thing about any ironing board. It can be made of:

  • Metal. Boards with metal surfaces are among the sturdiest and most reliable. It should be noted that an ironing surface made of a single metal sheet should have enough holes to let the steam through, otherwise the board will quickly become unusable.
  • Wood chipboard. Their main advantages are their light weight and low price, the main drawback is fragility. The ironing surface warps quickly due to constant influence of high temperatures and steam.
  • Plywood is an environmentally friendly material. Plywood ironing boards are light, sturdy and relatively cheap.
  • Thermoplastic is a relatively new material for making ironing boards. It’s very light, lets the steam through and reflects heat well. Its only drawback is its higher price. 
  • Metal mesh. Those ironing surfaces are very convenient to use, let the steam through and reflect heat easily, while being reliable and sturdy. A board made of metal mesh costs less than one made of a solid sheet. Some users, however, say that when ironing things made of fine, delicate material, the mesh pattern sometimes imprints itself into the cloth.

The size is very important as well. You can buy a board of whatever dimensions you like, but the 40 x 140 mm ones are considered the best option.

The board cover should be sturdy, so usually it is made of thick cotton with a soft inner lining to ensure easy and smooth movement of the iron. 

There are some covers with Teflon coating. The metallic material improves the cover’s heat resistance and creates an effect of “ironing from both sides”.

The board supports are an important structural element. They have to be strong and stable. Usually they have plastic or rubber foot caps to prevent the floor from scratches. The support height may be adjusted smoothly or in stages. 

Accessories are: the cable holder, the iron support, the laundry shelf, the hanger fixture (for shirts and blouses). They have no impact on the ironing quality, but make the process more convenient and enjoyable.

22 January, 2020
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