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About Nika

Production company NIKA focuses on the manufacturing of household maintenance products: ironing boards, step and lean-to ladders, stools, drying racks, leisure furniture, as well as home and bathroom goods. In the segment of children’s products we offer sledges, stroller-sleds, children’s sets (tables and chairs), and drawing easels.

The Company has been successfully performing its business activities since1998, and owing to many years of experience we have achieved high quality by improving the production process and supplying the production with high-quality raw and other materials. The production site of over 20,000 m2 housed the shops of polymer coating, welding, stamping, plastic molding and finished product assembly. Buildup and modernization of the existing capacities allowed us to expand the in-house output of components up to 80%. Such approach ensured excellent results and enabled not only to ramp up the output products, but also to gain substantial improvement in quality, broaden the range, and implement bold design solutions.

Key criteria that allow for a continuous increase in our market share:

  • guaranteed high quality of the products;
  • conditions of work intended to meet the customer’s demands to the maximum;
  • quick and high quality delivery of the goods;
  • continuous improvement of the design in accordance with modern demands;
  • joint participation in the promotion of our products and supply of retail chains with print collateral;
  • product range targeted at different price level of the customers.

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